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      Applied Social Research encompasses social science disciplines which seek to use basic social science knowledge to make an impact on the daily life of communities, organizations and persons. Applied Humanistic Research gives leading importance to human beings, their created meaning and actions in research so at to improve the state of human kind in a wide range of contexts. Applied Educational Research denotes the systemic collection and analysis of data connected to the field of Education, amongst which; student learning, development and human attributes, teaching methodology, teacher training, student retention, classroom dynamics, educational organisations, and educational strategies that contribute to the educational outcome. 

      The above three aspects though being independent, may be also interdependent in research since the core principles are situated in improving the state of human kind, disciplines, organizations, communities and contexts. This interdependent research can be exemplified by the fusion of biopsychosocial and educational research.

    • Hairdressing, Beauty and Complementary Therapies

      This area of research includes projects aimed at improving the practice and services provided within the beauty and hairdressing field.  Research aims to improve practices such as skin care, manicure and pedicure, depilation, make-up services, eyebrow and eyelash treatments as well as treatments for the purpose of relaxation and stress.  Further insights into alternative therapies such as reflexology, stone therapy and aromatherapy can be explored.  Highly valuable research to be considered under this theme includes the social aspects of providing hairdressing, beauty and complementary therapies and how the service provided to the customers can be improved. 

      • The Artistic Practitioner: Research in Aesthetics, Influences and Processes

      • The Moving Image: Research in Context, Theory and Practice

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